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A meeting with a leading economist who believes we should be optimistic about progress.
A viewpoint that is radical and considered, innovative and constructive.

Peter De Keyzer is Chief Economist at BNP Paribas Fortis. He is also a renowned opinion leader who primarily gives his views in Belgian newspapers and magazines as well as on social media. He certainly does not mince his words and tackles taboo subjects on occasion, but his view of global economic development is surprising and duly substantiated. He is a creative thinker, firmly anchored in today's reality while having an optimistic outlook for the future. His thoughts about progress are brought together in his book "Growth makes you happy".

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Peter De Keyzer (1975) graduated from the University of Antwerp in applied economic sciences. At the end of a short academic career, he joined the financial sector. He worked successively for KBC Bank, ABN Amro and the investment firm Petercam. Since 2011, Peter De Keyzer has been the Chief Economist at BNP Paribas Fortis. He is a watchdog and analyst of Belgian and European economic policy.

Thinking differently in a new world.

"When we look around at the world today, we see many problems which seem insurmountable: globalisation, an ageing population, the financial crisis, inequality, etc. We still too often have a tendency to look to public authorities in the hope that they will offer a ready-made solution. However, this time has passed", explains Peter De Keyzer. The solution to these challenges must come from us.

"The authorities must define the rules of the game, but not specify who will win it. My book is not an appeal against public authorities. That said, to resolve the problems which we face, economic growth is needed. However, this growth is only possible if public authorities leave the necessary latitude to citizens and businesses. People can do much more than the authorities can offer", he adds in an article from the De Standaard newspaper.

A new dynamic.

We must once again have faith in the strength of the free market. The economy needs a new dynamic. Tomorrow's free market is a global forum for creativity, individual initiative, reflection and ideas departing from fixed viewpoints. It is the only way to move forward and generate more prosperity, in both rich and poor countries. The future belongs to optimistic dreamers and creative businesses that do not hesitate to take risks and follow a different path.

A society without growth is a society without progress and therefore without a future. In other words, growth leads to happiness. Not because we can allow ourselves to buy more material things, but because it enables us to be masters of our wealth.

From a basic income to a flat tax.

The time has come for a turning point. Young people are exploring this more than ever. Many employees are becoming self-employed on a full-time basis or in addition to their job. We are living in a society in transition and above all, we want more than in the past to be the architects of our (professional) lives. The implementation of a basic income and flat tax is crucial as part of this new economic architecture.
Peter De Keyzer in the magazine Trends says: "I advocate a basic income and flat tax whereby each hour worked is taxed in the same way for everybody. This system would enable each individual to make their own choices. People would be content with this universal allocation as they like to get up late, use this basic income to undertake further training, or decide to work 100 hours more, despite this income, and buy the same expensive car as their neighbour. "

Peter De Keyzer has no fear of controversy. He has radical and revolutionary ideas. He refines his arguments. His innovative ideas make a varied public reflect on the form that tomorrow's society will take and the way in which each individual can participate in its construction.

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Growth makes you happy

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Peter De Keyzer gives you a summary of the key elements in his book entitled "Growth makes you happy". It focuses on progress and growth, ecology and innovation. It is a sincere and convincing appeal for optimism: optimism vis-à-vis the individual abilities of each citizen to make their own choices, optimism vis-à-vis the opportunities provided by technology and science, but also optimism vis-à-vis the race for progress and the willingness to have a future with greater freedom for everyone. The pessimists are too often right. However, any real change can only be initiated by optimists.

Here are a few examples of controversial claims which are analysed from every angle in this book:
"Minimum wages go hand in hand with a prohibition on employment for the least qualified people."
"There is more hardship in Monaco than in Belgium."
"Globalisation reduces inequality."
"The free market brings prosperity."
"The universal basic income drives personal development."
See also In this blog, Peter De Keyzer analyses and comments on economic events.

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