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CO2 may provide oxygen to all companies
Climate action and competitiveness

Antoine Geerinckx (1977) is the founder of CO2Logic, first Belgian company which helps other companies to promote ecology and sustainability. Want to calculate your impact on the climate, reduce it and offset to achieve carbon neutrality?

Grand-son of Antoine Humblet, former Belgian Minister of Agriculture, Geerinckx learn to appreciate nature from childhood. In addition to his industrial activities, his grandfather is passionate about arboriculture and owns large forests where the young Antoine spends hours to take care of trees.

Antoine Geerinckx will outline for you the benefits of a coherent strategy for sustainability, thereby reducing the ecological footprint of your company, and the direct impact on your result, your image and your staff. Extremely inspiring for all.


In addition to nature, he loves advertising. Antoine Geerinckx wants to tell stories and convince people. Logically he turned to advertising and marketing. Thus, in 1996, he studied at Watford College, specializing in advertising. He also makes internships among others with the London agency M & C Saatchi. Then he made a post-graduate in Barcelona and took his first steps as a creative professional, including with Ogilvy & Bates Europe.


In 2000, Geerinckx is one of the founders of first Belgian portal dedicated to health and named "electronic publisher of the year" a year later. From 2002 to 2006, Geerinckx is director of marketing and development at VK Group, a firm of architects and engineers, before working for a year as web specialist at Belgacom Skynet. Antoine Geerinckx also find the time to obtain a master degree in marketing from the Solvay Business School in Brussels.


Gradually the world of advertising and marketing appeared too superficial to him. In 2005, the Kyoto Protocol enters into force and, in 2006, Antoine Geerinckx creates CO2Logic with a friend, even before Al Gore makes out of climate a global concern with An Inconvenient Truth. "Given my background in marketing, forecasting trends is one of my strengths."

CO2Logic is the first company whose model is based on the resolutions of the Kyoto Protocol. The base is as follows: traditionally there are three levels of competition price, quality and service. But there is a fourth factor, the ecological footprint/CO2 who constantly gains in importance and influences the three other factors. For example, the more a company strives to reduce its environmental footprint, the less it spends on electricity and energy. These savings positively influence the pricing.

How CO2, climate and environment are forcing companies to take action

Climate, Environment & Energy, HR, Corporate Culture, Marketing, Socially responsible Entrepreneurship, Communication, Public Relations

In recent years, the awareness that we all must live and work in a more environmental friendly manner has grown enormously. While only environmentalists use to insist on this point, everyone is now aware that things must change. Companies play a vital role in maintaining the viability of our planet. Founder of the consulting firm CO2logic, Antoine Geerinckx presents the initiatives that you can take in your business. Under his guidance, you can initiate a sustainability policy that will allow you to save energy, but also to seduce the public with your new green image.

Sustainable marketing

Climate, Environment & Energy, HR, Corporate Culture, Marketing, Socially responsible Entrepreneurship, Communication, Public Relations

Ecology constantly gains importance in advertising. Think of the many car brands that promote their cars as those that emit less CO2. It is only logical, because the customer is always more sensitive to issues such as pollution and global warming. Thus, green marketing is a new trend, but it is only effective if the product is truly sustainable. Through examples and numerous tips, Antoine Geerinckx introduces you to sustainable marketing.

CO2 neutrality

Climate, Environment & Energy, HR, Corporate Culture, Marketing, Socially responsible Entrepreneurship, Communication, Public Relations

Despite companies' efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, it is extremely difficult to remove all CO2 emissions. This is why, in order to achieve carbon neutrality, there are mechanisms enabling a company to financially support a project to reduce CO2 emissions in developing countries for emissions they cannot compress. Indeed, we share one single planet. It is as great as simple, but how to do it? How does it work? What mistakes should you avoid? What are the opportunities? And how to communicate about it? Antoine Geerinckx will share with you his experience.

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