Michel De Coster

Heart, brains & guts – how to become a great top manager?
Enthusiastic, inspiring and enlightening

For the general public, Michel De Coster is the bassist of the rock group De Mens, but he has several other lives. He is a father, race car pilot, amateur triathlete and author of a book on leadership. But it is above all a top manager who became famous in the ICT sector.

"At school, I have been tested to conclude that I was a hopeless case" says De Coster. "According to them, I would not be able to succeed at university. But, because I really wanted a diploma, they advised me to study political and social sciences. As I was interest in politics, I chose these studies". De Coster graduated with great merits.


He was a topmanager with several telecom operators before becoming an entrepreneur. During the remaining time, De Coster runs thirty kilometers every week and participates in "short distance" triathlons. He wrote a book on leadership where he reveals what distinguishes good managers from great directors.

This speaker knows what management means. Thanks to its long experience in the telecoms sector, management has no more secrets for him. Michel De Coster is the ideal speaker to provide practical advice on time management and methods that deliver the best results.

Heart, Brains et Guts of a top manager

Leadership, Strategy, Management, Topmanagers

What distinguishes good managers from top directors? What qualities are essential to run a business? How to achieve maximum results effectively? During his lecture, the top manager Michel De Coster explains how he keeps a balance between common sense, his heart and a good dose of courage. He offers advice to directors on leadership and how we can learn from the mistakes of others. Through various and concrete examples, he also explains how he learned to make the most of his time.

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