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Passionate communication beast with a refreshing eye on your organization

Krist Pauwels (1971) is a born entrepreneur and communicator. He started his first company at the age of eighteen, managed 2 companies at the same time and since 2002 he is the founder and key partner in communication company Choco. As one of the first in his field, he considered genuine, authentic and vulnerable communication as a major asset for the companies of the future.

From his extensive experience, he adds as a speaker a surprising dimension to any economic environment: HR policy, corporate design, online revolution or advertising communication.

As a speaker, Krist Pauwels chooses refreshing angles, which deviates from the traditional track. He confronts you in an intriguing way with the image of the new, individual awareness of human beings, and the way businesses can use this. Krist advocates for learning environments and inspiring leadership.


Krist Pauwels has always been attracted by the world of communication. So he made his first advertising when he was only seven years old. The purpose was via a mini campaign to convince his parents to vote for the candidate he had chosen. Everyone listening to Krist Pauwels’ speech is impressed by his broad perspective. However, he is an autodidact. The new insights he offers as a speaker and author, he draws purely from his own observations and experiences. With other words, he understands the trends of today and the best way to express and interpret them. He makes this in a practical, tangible, but not less profound manner.


During his law studies, he and his brother create Kreterra, a company that organizes exhibitions of Greek and Russian icons.

The exhibitions became events, and eventually the two brothers created the communication company KD & P, where he developed his "insideout" vision: good communication comes from inside. Besides their communication campaignsn the two brothers also help companies with their internal organization and design.

Energy pooling

At the start of the new millennium Krist Pauwels is a partner and creative director at the TV production Sylvester, while the client portfolio of his advertising business continues to expand. In that periode, Pauwels deepends - he is above thirty - his fascination for the human sciences and coaching people through a Master's program in psycho-energetics.

With new partners, he then founded Choco, where meanwhile fifteen people are at work. The agency was responsible for the rebranding of paint store Colora, the campaigns of materials Stihl company ("Stehrk Work") and is now focusing on its first international steps. "I am only an extension of the energy that is created in this business. The only thing I do is bringing together the creativity bubbles he founds within the company and that I bring out in my communication consultancy, coaching and lectures".

Human business

This bundled energy resulted in the books "The People Economy and "The People Economy", where he calls for a humanization of business. "The better you understand each other, the more you have from each other. Whether it is about the relationship between employer and employee or between brand and customer. That is communication in its essence too" said Krist Pauwels.

Krist Pauwels predicts that companies will be able to keep standing only if they invest in the relationship with their environment, and especially their staff. On the basis of the CEO model - the creative energy of organization - Krist Pauwels describes how employers and employees can enrich themselves and each other through a deliberate exchange of a number of values. "The People Economics" contains concrete tips for managers and executives to both human and financial added value in their company.

"The knowledge, care and service economy of tomorrow cannot be other than a human economy," says Fons Leroy, managing director of VDAB about the book. "Human capital constitutes the main raw material of these growth poles. Companies will transform themself into living and learning environments.

Connection power, scratching area, creative ability, experience and inspirational leadership are the components for an adapted organizational model. Krist Pauwels shows in a striking way that a new relational model is needed for the economy to become more human. And human is sustainable. "

However, Krist Pauwels’ greatest pleasure was to write his novel "The Silence of the Sword" that will be published in Dutch in early 2013. Besides an experienced speaker, Krist Pauwels is also a lecturer at the Lessius Hogeschool Mechelen, where he shows future communication professionals how to familiarize with the wonderful world of communication. "The aim is to help young people discover their passion in this field or another."

The people economy: Companies with a beating heart

Globalisation, HR, Corporate Culture, Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, Marketing, Motivation, Socially responsible Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation, Trends, Inspiring, Social Media & Networking

Succeeding in the 'ikonomie'? Strong businesses of tomorrow interact differently with their employees and audiences. "The book 'The People Economy" by Krist Pauwels says that companies in the' ikonomie will only be successful if they depart from a man-and value-driven attitude towards their own employees" analyses Guy Tegenbos, journalist at De Standaard. Time for a new relationship between employee and company.

Whether you look at the issue from an HRM perspective, from a marketing and communications position, or as a evaluation of your corporate branding: Krist Pauwels based on his experience as a consultant will guide you through its Creative Energy Organization model for optimal relationship between companies and their stakeholders.

The new laws of the market: Brands like magnets

Creativity, Innovation, Marketing, Creativity, Innovation, Trends

The time when people bought your product because of your bright smile is long gone. And a good thing too. People today not just believe what you tell them. Any promise only adds value if perceived by the consumer as being true. Experience, connection, commitment: these are key words on the market today. Today people are looking for brands that bring them value in several different ways. A conference on authentic relationships, co-creation and cooperation. This lecture is on the changing marketing and communications thinking and how to act. Increasingly, the powerful consumer, and perhaps for the first time, is being recognized in its value. With two feet on the ground, we look at today and tomorrow. And we look for ways to turn tomorrow your brand into a magnet brand.

A good corporate branding creates brands with charisma

Creativity, Innovation, Marketing

Self-confident brands are better acknowledged and recognized by consumers. Simply because they are unambiguous. Everything they do, they do from a strong and unambiguous identity which gets a certain form used by every employee and in any communication. How to build a strong corporate branding? And how far does it go behind a mere logo and house style? Corporate branding from A to Z, from mission to baseline, from logo to PR: this conference will give you an idea of the pillars on which companies of tomorrow more than ever firmly will anchor in the market. About the importance of a strong core culture, mission, vision and the undeniable importance of value management in any company or organization.

Social media in your sector

Social Media & Networking

Whether you like it or not, tomorrow's economy is increasingly evolving in a digital environment. Do companies that don’t use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media still have a future? How do companies related to the human economy for instance in the health sector deal with social media?

Krist Pauwels will show you the importance of social media in each possible sector. The general trends, but then applied to a specific domain, with examples and what you as a manager should or should not do.

To the heart of your brand


How do small companies succeed in placing their brand on the global map, and why others do not? Only what you develop inside, you then can radiate outside authentically. How to discover, articulated and experience your own values?

In this one-day coaching session for managers, Krist Pauwels will help you to discover the core strength of your brand. As a gifted speaker, Krist Pauwels will bring you to the new trends, methods and the do's and don'ts. All this on the basis of case studies of large and small companies.

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