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A simple explanation is a service to the community.
I am kind of a luxury journalist

Etienne De Callataÿ (1962) is particularly well-versed in explaining the most complex economic issues. He gets invited a lot to French-speaking media to explain the means of tax-shift, inflation, pension reformation or the quakes within the Eurozone, the Grexit or the Brexit. Whatever the topic is, he looks for an understandable explanation without using too much academic jargon. He loves to debate and he will always try to lift the debate to higher level. He is particularly fascinated by the combination of a free market economy with social precaution for the population..


Etienne de Callataÿ spent his youth in the suburbs of Brussels but studied in Namur. He combined political science with economy and later specialized in economy. He is mostly interested in the political debate, especially under the economic or financial angle. In 1986 he fine-tunes his knowledge at the London School of Economics.

Institutional Reforms

He started his career at the research center of the National Bank in the department of public finances. “For five years I got to know the taste of excellence, because at the National Bank you didn’t have to learn how to write fast but you had to write right!” On that post he also got to know the political world and the international institutions. In 1992 he trades his post in Brussels for Washington and starts working for IMF, on the department of public spending of the industrialized countries. In that capacity he also visited many developing countries on missions for technical assistance.

Political Cabinet

In 1996 the government of Prime Minister Dehaene was seeking for a French speaking Deputy Head of Cabinet, with an economic profile. Etienne presented his candidacy but didn’t have political support. In Washington he met Philippe Maystadt, who was Minister of Finance at that time. The PSC was willing to support him and he got appointed. It was an extremely rewarding experience even though it was a politically difficult task. The context was very special. De great reforms of the government like the global plan, the pensions and the implementation of the health index where accomplished and the government was mostly trying to survive. But the nineties were also the years of the Dutroux case and the dioxin crisis. In 1999 the CD&V loses the election as well as did the PSC.

Private Banking

Rather than working for a different political formation or returning to Washington, Etienne applies for a job in the private sector. As Chief Economist he became member of the Executive Committee of Bank Degroof. He is responsible for the financial analysis; he enjoys his role as communicator, both externally and within the company. In 2015 the collaboration with Bank Degroof ends and he focuses more on his academic tasks. But in the spring of 2016 Etienne reappears as founder and president of Orcadia Asset Management, a brand new private banker.

Parler vrai!

Etienne de Callataÿ loves simplifying complex socio-economic issues. Through his blogs, media, courses at the University of Namur and the conferences he gives, he continually tries to explain, clarify and convince. In this way he wants to contribute to the intellectual debate. “In my own modest way, I try to serve the community.”

Economic conjuncture and the financial consequences

Society, Politics, Belgium, Europe, Authorities, Society, Investments

Etienne de Callataÿ makes a clarifying analysis of the current economic situation and examines what impact it has on an investment strategy. This can be about the world conjuncture, the Eurozone, or the Belgian economic situation. The average growth on the long term is one of his specialties.

Public finances

Society, Politics, Belgium, Europe, Authorities, Society, Investments, Socially responsible Entrepreneurship

Etienne de Callataÿ presents his experience in the management of tax money. He discusses the European regulation, but also the Belgian tax system. He also compares the public finances to the pension reformation and the aging of the population.

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