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Resilience as the key to success.
No guts, no glory.

One in four working Belgians is either suffering from burn-out, or is in the danger zone. According to Elke Geraerts, there is no reason to panic; your brain is like a muscle which you can train - brain fitness. It pays to improve your resilience, since that mental agility will help you at home, and at work, to cope with crisis situations, become more stress-resistant and take control of your own life and happiness.
Elke Geraerts keynotes are no boring talks, but practical workshops in which she inspires and challenges. She also offers tips and tricks which you can apply immediately within your own organisation or company.

Resilience leads to pleasure in your work

Countless research has shown that resilience is a crucial factor in achieving happiness. As a psychologist, Elke Geraerts is convinced that we can influence our behaviour, in order to reinforce our resilience. And not only do we personally profit from that, but a company or organisation can also reap the benefits. This is why she founded 'Better Minds at Work'.

In her training sessions on work pressure, stress and burn-out, the focus is on positive behavioural psychology. Her approach is based on both the latest scientific insights and practical experience in the world of business.

Best seller

Elke Geraerts is a doctor of psychology, and has held a number of academic positions at the universities of Harvard, St Andrews, Maastricht and Rotterdam. She was invited, by the Minister of Health, Maggie de Block (Open VLD), to join the commission for the reform of 21st-century occupational diseases.

Her best seller 'Mentaal Kapitaal', in which she helps her readers develop more resilient brains, made a big impression. Her new book, 'Het Nieuwe Mentaal', in which she takes things a step further, and calls upon individuals and businesses to show more courage, was published in September 2016.

"It's high time we adapted our society to our brains, instead of the other way round. (...) Everywhere I go, I see how the brain crisis is paralysing individuals, families, schools and businesses. However, I also see the present time as a huge opportunity: it opens up perspectives of truly adapting our ways of living and working to the needs of our brains. The age of the new mind (Het Nieuwe Mentaal) is here."

On elephants and rabbits

Only by sharpening our self-control, will we learn to deal with day-to-day issues. Geraerts refers to the metaphor used by Texan oil magnate, Thomas Boone Pickens: ‘When you are hunting elephants, don’t get distracted chasing rabbits.’ In other words: if you are working on something important (an elephant), don't allow yourself to be distracted by e-mails, text messages, tweets etc. (rabbits). Based on her advice, many businesses now schedule 'elephant' time, in which employees can work on larger projects undisturbed, even by meetings.

Would you like to know more about how you can enhance the capacity for resilience in your staff? Or do you want to take control of your own life, personal and professional? Elke Geraerts will put you on the right road ...

Mental capital: how can you strengthen your psychological energy and resilience?

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How can you ensure that your brain is not constantly under pressure? Elke Geraerts talks about the importance of a resilient organisation, and explains in an accessible way how you can get a better grasp on your energy and resilience, and that of your staff. She points out that strengthening the brain leads to an increase in psychological resilience, and makes employees better able to cope with the stressful challenges of these times.
During this lecture, you will learn which elements are most important to resilience, and how you can detect and stimulate sources of energy in your organisation. This keynote is not only the perfect antidote for burn-out; it's an eye-opener, making clear that investing in resilience results in increased productivity and happiness.
Learn, in an interactive way, more about how to maintain focus, keep stressful thoughts in check and take your first steps as a born optimist!
In the course of a 48-hour challenge, Elke encourages the participants to immediately apply a number of tips and tricks in practice. This can also be linked to a more durable 'after-care', in which participants receive regular incentive, through e-mails and an online community.
There is also the opportunity of purchasing the best seller Mentaal Kapitaal at a reduced price. Would you like to immerse your organisation in the philosophy of Mentaal Kapitaal (2016)? Would you like to offer team building in resilience? Elke Geraerts and her team can organise a customised Resilience Day for your organisation.

The New Mind: How courage can put you on the road to happiness and success

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Elke Geraerts stimulates her audience to choose for more guts, using a mixture of scientific research and illustrative example from the field. Because, without courage, you will never make it to the top.
She unmasks the myth of time management, pokes holes in our never-ending search for a better balance between life and work, explains how empathy can lead to success and describes how leadership will look in the 21st century.
The result is a powerful plea for being more courageous when taking control of our own lives, and making the choices which, for our brains, will make us happier and more successful in the long run.

"During our company weekend in the Ardennes, Elke took us on a wonderful tour of our brains, and showed us how we can make our brains more resilient. She took us on a fantastic journey, with new insights, and in an inspirational, interactive but also extremely comprehensible way (what a relief!).
I strongly advise every organisation that cares about its staff, to bathe in this wisdom."

Johan Vangenechten - CEO 4C Consulting

"Elke explores the theme in an inspiring and convincing way. Scientifically substantiated and delivered with great insight. Intellectually convincing, and above all, accompanied by an invitation to concrete action. A revelation for a more qualitative life, every day."

Koen Bouckaert - Vice President Strategy & Business Development ALPRO

"The session on burn-out made our planning team at Nike aware of the warning signs and symptoms of stress and burn-out. We now have tools with which to combat them pro-actively. Highly recommended for any team wishing to work on its resilience!"

Britt Mast - Distribution Planning Manager Nike
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