Delphine Boël

Art as a voice when you can not speak
The art of life as an artist

Delphine is a statement artist and colourist. From painting, video, sculpture and neon, her artworks are vibrant, playful and quirky. They are capable of lovingly inspiring the dispossessed, while also abruptly bringing the powerful and prideful back to reality.

Growing up with pencils and paper

When she was a small child, Delphine used colored pencils and paper to create a better world for herself. She was an only child raised by her mother who was obsessed not to spoil her daughter. So, every gift Delphine received for birthdays or special occassions would be taken away from her and given to less fortunate children. She was only allowed to keep coloured pencils and paper, so creating colourful artworks became her main pastime and served her well for later in her life.

Messages with strong emotions

Delphine grew up in the UK and lived in London between the age of 8 to 35. She hated school and knew at a young age that art was her thing. At 18, Delphine, with the greatest happiness, managed to get a scholarship to study at the Chelsea school of art and design. She earned her bachelor’s degree in fine arts (with honors) at the age of 21. Since then she has been working as a professional artist and has earned a voice in the arts world.

Delphine has completed art projects on behalf of companies including Coca-Cola, BIC, ABSOLUT Vodka, The Red Cross, and has exhibited in museums and galleries in Belgium and internationally.

Delphine’s collectors say that her multi-media creations manage to bring out strong emotions and that her messages have a universal quality that can uplift and resonate in all of us.

The art of life as an artist

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Delphine was born into a peculiar family situation and at the age of 31, from one day to the next and without warning, became a media sensation and scandal when it was discovered by the press that she has a secret biological father who holds a very high political position. This situation has been extremely difficult for Delphine. It has not only been emotionally hard but also created serious damages and obstacles to her everyday life as a mother, her art career, with friendships, and as a daughter.

Thanks to her art, Delphine has been able to surmount challenging hardships by creating artworks that blend strong messages with colour, wit, and humour. Art has been her voice at times when she could not speak.

Delphine’s way of openly sharing her vulnerability, her feelings, and life experiences offers the listener a unique time of real human emotions…from laughing, to shivers, to tears, and uplifting joy.


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Delphine offers a painting workshop. In this workshop she leads a group of participants, with no artistic experience required, to discover that they, as a team, can create a stunning work of art. Delphine demonstrates that everyone can be creative and can use art as an amazing tool to face challenges. This workshop can be enjoyed and completed in as little as 1.5 hours with an unexpected positive result!

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