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Omega Pharma is a division of the American company Perrigo and one of the leading manufacturers of non-prescription-bound medicines and personal care products. Thorough research and a sophisticated marketing strategy turned the company into a global player in a market where innovation and a human touch are indispensable. Davy De Vlieger (1974) leads the Belgian branch of this international company and is also CEO of Etixx, known as a sports nutrition brand. He offers you a glimpse into the inside information about the company and tells you how Omega Pharma got famous by his non-stereotypical way of looking at innovation.

Strategic pragmatist

Davy De Vlieger describes himself as a strategic pragmatist. "With every innovation you first need a long-term vision. I imagine a timeframe of maximum three years. Then it comes down to work hard to turn the plan into concrete action. I am convinced that this is only doable if you as the leader supervise that the whole team still rides along. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Ultimately it’s all about respect for everyone and everything: organization, your employees, your customers, your suppliers ..."

Team sport

Management is a team sport, Davy De Vlieger says. "Efficient management is not only built on a good long-term vision but also on a human translation of that vision to your employees at all levels. Everyone, from the bottom of the ladder to the top, needs to know what role he plays in the overall story. Sometimes you have to make hard choices but that does not prevent you to communicate them in a respectful and humane way. Each link in the implementation process has to have the right tools to carry out the plan that you have in mind. If not everyone is in the peloton, it makes no sense to accelerate. A good manager is a team leader who is always available and approachable, who responds to the needs and abilities of his team members but at the same time focuses on results."

Cycling in the workplace

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’. Davy De Vlieger takes this very literally. Etixx and Omega Pharma are of course known as cycling sponsor. In his spare time Davy is a frequent cyclist himself, but that's not all. In his office, he replaced his comfortable office chair by a bicycle. He told Q-music why: "I have meetings all day, but when I have to sit behind my desk - two hours a day – I like to exercise. Our sedentary meetings made place for standing meetings. Everything for our health."

Don’t pursue glory – pursue excellence

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Davy De Vlieger takes you on an interactive journey through the world of effective people management. His story is the story of Omega Pharma and the 280 employees of the Belgian branch of the international company. How does he initiate and support innovative processes? Which strategic decisions have determined the success of Omega Pharma? How does he motivate his employees in projects out of the comfort zone?
Davy De Vlieger uses his experience as a point of view to look at other companies and assesses famous and notorious statements about innovation on reality as he experiences it daily. "We always want to do better, find ways to grow and wonder how our existing projects can evolve. We innovate in our products, sales and marketing ... That dynamism radiates to the pharmacists, physicians and consumers. It is an excellent mix."

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