Cyril Jamelot

The brand is simply the result of who we are
Behaviour is more important than strategy

Cyril Jamelot is French. Coming from a marketing orientated family, he naturally embraced the same path. With a task based on human capital, Cyril Jamelot enjoys very much his work. Early 2009 Cyril created Sens21 a qualitative research and marketing consultant agency. Sens21 offers three types of services: consumer research, marketing consultancy and finally training and conferences. ”Our conferences are designed to educate people to adopt a certain behaviour in marketing, especially an ethical one.”

I love marketing

We are in the late 1980s, in the middle of the yuppies years. “In high school, marketers came to present their activities in fancy suits, bragging about their salaries. At the next table, there were doctors and lawyers but for me the choice was clear! With or without suit…”

After completing his scientific Baccalaureate and a HEC preparatory school, Cyril choses CESEM, a business school based in Marseille. His specificity: splitting his four years of study, two years in Marseille and two years in England, thanks to the Erasmus program. Consequently, just before turning 20, Cyril finds himself in London and joins the Middlesex University, in a marketing and management course. In addition to the curriculum itself that provides a pragmatic and more humanistic version of marketing, he learns to adapt and to be open to other cultures.

In London, there is another advantage: the possibility to squeeze all of his classes in one day. “We can get four free days a week. Some people went to the pub; I worked in a market research company. I was conducting research.” Cyril thus combines academic and professional work, with the guarantee of being recruited by the firm upon completion of his studies. But a week before the end of his studies, the company goes bankrupt. He then applies for jobs both in France and the U.K.

A history of cans

Coca-Cola offers Cyril a job and gives him responsibilities straight away: he manages part of the consumer-marketing research. This first encounter with such a renowned brand is unique. Firstly, such a company is a great platform for learning about marketing. Also, at that time in 1999, an incident happens in Belgium, directly involving Coca-Cola. Two girls get sick after drinking a can of Coca-Cola. A complaint follows and Coca-Cola is asked to withdraw his products from the market. Coca-Cola’s CEO in Atlanta doesn’t react fast enough and this results in a dramatic drop in Coca-Cola’s share.

“This incident and the CEO’s behaviour made me understand that a brand is merely the result of how his owners deal with it.”

Cyril Jamelot will stay about two years with Coca-Cola UK. After a short stay with Yoplait, still in England, he migrates to Belgium for family reasons. He works again for Coca-Cola but in Brussels this time. During five years, he studies the Belgian market and its consumers and learns in particular about the structure and rules of marketing.

Marketing with a human face

Later on, at Alpro, Cyril is in charge of the research and consumer marketing branch during five years. “I travelled a lot and learned how to pass on the same message to different countries whilst taking into account the cultural specificities of each one.” I taught marketing more than I applied it because I was very careful about the importance of local teams ensuring a personal and inspiring marketing for the brand.”

With a task based on human capital, Cyril Jamelot enjoys very much his work. Though, the creativity aspect is lacking and he misses it. A few months later, early 2009, Cyril creates Sens21 in collaboration with Sofie Vandenberghe, a qualitative research and marketing consultant agency. Sens21 offers three types of services: consumer research, marketing consultancy and finally training and conferences. ”Our conferences are designed to educate people to adopt a certain behaviour in marketing, especially an ethical one.”

He also makes sure he inculcates the message he previously learned from his director at Coca-Cola UK. His director would turn off the computers at 5.30 pm and tell us: “You aren’t saving the world, you’re just selling a drink with bubbles. You sell happiness to people and if you aren’t happy yourselves, you won’t be able to sell it efficiently.”

Offer your soul!

Today, Cyril Jamelot is finishing a book entitled “Offer your soul!”. We can already tell you that it talks about marketing and behaviour. According to Cyril, behaviour is more important than strategy.

I love Marketing!

Business & Management, Marketing

Marketing is a wide word. It encapsulates many technical skills and tools with a twist of common sense to deliver a good strategy increasing sales and profit… However, if it stopped right there, all companies would contemplate growth and brands would go sky high, boosted by well-studied strategies

However reality shows us that Marketing or even trying to promote brands is not so easy. Marketing is complex. Everything is Marketing, our teams, our agencies, our friends, our recruits,… This implies all departments and give them a Marketing responsibility with a need for consistency.

Beyond our strategy, our behaviour becomes therefore a lot more prominent in this need for consistency to have motivated teams, partners delivering stronger performance and eventually motivated clients.

“I love Marketing” is a fun and motivating conference, within which Cyril Jamelot tells us about his experience and living anecdotes, while sharing is love for Marketing. The objective is to leave the conference with motivation to change our ways of working.

A Marketing dusting.

From a a great to iconic brand

Marketing, Seniors

We do not impose anymore, we motivate.

We do not communicate, we share.

We do not tell stories anymore, we just are.
Willing to have a profitable, iconic and unique brand is a respectable wish, but reality is often tougher. Consumers have taken a stronger and prominent role in the brand management. In the relation and social era we are in, most brands want to create “ambassadors”, which is a great idea, but how good are we to be ambassadors ourselves in the first place? Before trying to turn our Consumers into ambassadors, how motivated are we ourselves? What are the necessary steps to create those ambassadors? Is a Facebook page sufficient? NOT!

If we want to be loved and others to share this love, there will be a need to talk about love, to talk about energy, seduction, respect and loyalty… Building a relationship with a consumer is like building a relationship with your partner

In this conference, Cyril Jamelot uses this analogy with humour to give the keys to improve our relationship with our clients, our consumers, our teams and even our partners in order to become iconic and sustainable.

Lets talk about love and profit!

Pirate Marketing: Reinvent Marketing codes with a disruptive and creative strategy

Creativity, Innovation, Management, Marketing

+4% Growth... This looks like a small number to reach. An easy target, which is just a little more... Still this number is merely the tip of the iceberg. +4% means 104. Growing is doing at least as well as last year and even better by offering something different in an increasingly competitive environment.
This requires reinventing the codes. Marketing is not about following the books anymore, as the competition is following the same. It is about becoming a pirate and give yourself as well as your team other alternatives with indeed mean more risks, but more fun, new horizons and the ability to have a real return on investment.
Reinventing the codes is finding the right balance between analytic and creative skills to simplify the problematic and offer creative strategies. this is often doing the opposite solution than the competition by turning the problem upside down and breaking rules.

Pirates of today have ruled marketing:
How did Pixar make a success in America with a French rat?
How did Häagen Dasz won with full fat ice cream and a foreign name?
How did Uber…?
How did Innocent…?
So many examples telling us it pays.

A conference to inspire the will to explore, diverge and converge towards a creative strategy

From silver to gold

Leadership, Strategy, Management

Seniors ! When do we become a senior ? 20, 30, 50… what does this term mean? Do you feel like a senior? When talking with the older ones, they admit loving advertising, apart from the one targeting them ! The 50+ represent the biggest part of the population and also with the highest freedom standards since the dinosaurs and will remain so. From Elvis Presley to Woodstock, they have revolutionised the world, our world. Still many Marketers see this group as not being part of the future of their brand and refuses to talk to them, or talk in an inappropriate way and can even be disrespectful.

What are the codes and the techniques to use a language they appreciate?
What are the marketing tools to reach our grand parents, our parents or our brothers and sisters?

In this conference Cyril Jamelot talk about “seniors” with humour and respect delivering his professional experience within which he had to motivate the troops and fight to talk a true language to seniors.

We are all the senior from someone.

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