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Impact on our society and your company

Clo Willaerts is a Belgian marketing professional with a large social media following and extensive experience in digital business (communities, streaming media, portals, social media, digital transformation) for the travel, finance, automotive, media and telco industry.

Her popular technology blog has been a go-to resource since 2004. Now, after working almost twenty years as an internet and media professional, she travels around the world as a consultant, speaker and author.

A new media virtuoso, Ms. Willaerts never tires of teaching and learning about digital technology and the impact it has on our daily lives. She is a natural on stage and frequently gives lectures in Belgium on social media, online privacy, digital marketing, artificial intelligence and future technologies at Thomas More, EHSAL Management School, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School and UBA Academy. Find Clo Willaerts through her online alterego: @bnox.

All kind of media

After studying Germanics, Clo Willaerts (°1970) divided her time between journalism and education. She wrote as a freelance journalist for among others the Gazet van Antwerpen and Flair and she was a teacher for English and Dutch.

In 1995, Clo Willaerts started working for television as a researcher and editor of a number of programs on VTM and VT4. "In the late nineties someone told me that he was about to launchh a webradio and he asked if I wanted to become the chief editor. That was my first experience with the Internet. We ran the webradio from the cellars of Skynet. When I started, I had never seen a browser. It became my passion: professional web gave me freedom: you did not need to be physically present and you also got room to deel with your time. It is also a medium that always reinvents itself. That appealed to me. "


In the years thereafter, Clo Willaerts carefully continued to build her expertise as New Media Manager at Men at Work and Telemak and, in 2000, she became CEO of the Belgian chat community In 2004 she left for Virgin Express as e-Business Manager where she was responsible for the internet strategy of the company.

Her knowledge and experience proved invaluable for Belgacom. In 2006 she performed at the telecom giant as Marketing and Communications Manager. During that time she wrote her first book on the Belgian blogosphere. In addition, she developed the presence of the company in summer festivals and the Ladies' Room, a successful blog for female managers.

She then moved to the next challenge at Sanoma Magazines Belgium. She opened in May 2010 the business unit This division helps advertisers to make the most of social media. In the spring of 2011, she published a bestseller: "The Conversity Model”.
In 2014 she started working for Petercam as digital media expert.


For several years Clo Willaerts has been organizing the Belgian version of the "Girl Geek Dinners" with more than fifty meetings: "The girl geeks are a loose group of some 500 Dutch, French and English active women with a passion for IT, internet and technology. They come to the events to meet each other and to learn something. This is usually related to technology, but some things, like testing the newest car model of Honda, we do just for fun. "

Internet marketing

Social Media & Networking

How to you bring your products to the public in a world dominated by social media? the man? Everyone agrees that door to door magazines are from the past and that social media is the new marketing too. But how do you use it concretely?

Only talk about your latest models is not enough, you must also address new clients. How do you ensure that your brand is firmly represented in the online media mix? And in such a way that the different media reinforce each other. All those blogs and tweets must be structured.

Internet pioneer Clo Willaerts shares with you her knowledge and experience.

The impact of internet on our society

Social Media & Networking

The internet dramatically and irreversibly changed both our professional and personal lives. The distinction between the virtual world and the real world is very narrow. Being aware of that is essential.

Clo Willaerts knows the dangers and pitfalls, but also all the opportunities and challenges offered by the internet. During this lecture Clo Willaerts shows how traditional communication and business models have changed and what the opportunities are. Guess you did not understand all of it yet?

Social media

Social Media & Networking

Almost the whole world is now on Twitter and Facebook. The social networking sites are so easy to use that even the youngest child can handle it. But how do you make the most of social media? What is the role of social media in our society? How do you as a company move from a free communication to achieving your business goals? You will get the answer to these and many other questions from social media expert Clo Willaerts.

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