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Beyond the limits of the (im)possible
Mental coaching about stress, passion, fear and motivation

‘Fear gives you wings’, seems to be the motto of Cedric Dumont. Dare to take risks, watching danger in the eye and draw energy from that. He started as a skater and surfer. Now he is one of the most renowned basejumpers in the world. His whole life revolves around risk sports and adventure. Our current society is cramped and paralyzed by fear. Cedric is a textbook example of how to overcome that fear. His life reads like a manual on how to create passion and motivation in your personal and professional life. He is a spirited man with a captivating story for managers and team leaders. He is fluent in five languages (Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish).

The oldest dream of man

Flying – the oldest dream of man. Leonardo da Vinci drew the first ever parachute. Five centuries later, Cedric Dumont makes the dream come true. “It’s mostly about freedom, commitment and pushing boundaries. My job brings me to wonderful places, teaches me respect for the environment and for others. In my professional existence as a basejumper, I always find the motivation to become better, to find my own boundaries and push them a bit further.
As member of the Red Bull Air Team he travels around the world looking for new challenges and adventure. He made a glide above the pyramids of Gizeh in Egypt and landed at the foot of this world wonder. In Shangai he jumped off the Jin Mao Tower (421m). His honours list is endless. Current position: 10.000 skydives, 2200 basejumps and more than 1000 wingsuit flights. In such a wingsuit flight he moves at 180 to 200 km per hour in the air with no engine, only whit a batsuit, a perfect technique and a lot of guts. Batman, without tricks.

Focus and fear.

Each jump has the same ritual as preparation. Check the weather; see if the material is in order. He only jumps if everything is right. Safety always comes first. The fear keeps him with both feet on the ground, because only if you are not afraid, it’s dangerous, he says. The last ritual is closing the helmet. The ultimate click.

“After that click I’m in ‘the moment’. It seems strange but if you can really get into the moment you can focus optimally. Full concentration, but letting everything go at the same time. It’s called the state of hyper-awareness, I learned at the University of New York. I’m a sport psychologist. That hyper-awareness is not a meditative state. It is thinking without thinking. Now there is no place for emotion, yet I’m afraid. I’m always scared when I look into the depths. Before a risk jump you have many negative emotions. It’s dangerous, that I know. I can die, I’m aware of that. So again the question: Why am I doing this? The negative emotion is turned into positive energy. I need to understand the fear and accept it.” (De Morgen, February 18, 2012)

Sports Psychologist

Cedric studied sports and performance psychology in New York. That study gave him the academic basis to what he felt instinctively for years, for example, the idea of hyper-awareness. He loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Not only with athletes, but also with companies and organizations. His professionalism works very inspiring, his mental strength gives confidence. How do you learn to focus? How do you learn to distinguish what is important and what is not?
Daring to live in the moment is his message. Set a goal and go for it. That message is not new, but when Cedric tells it, it makes a big impact. Nobody knows better how to mark your boundaries and how to push them.

High Performance at work : « GREATNESS begins beyond your comfort zone »

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As a manager you have to dare to leave you comfort zone. Good leadership can benefit from out-of-the-box thinking. Cedric Dumont teaches you how to do so, because no one pushes his boundaries as much as he does. In his keynotes, seminars and training programs Cedric uses techniques from extreme sports and performance psychology to teach you how to focus and take calculated risks. With his insight and experience Cedric teaches managers how to motivate their people and how to better work together and be open to change. He makes tailored programs on the needs of the customer. Depending on the question he works on one or more themes. These are mainly: Commitment, team dynamics and change management.

When talking about ‘commitment’ he talks about his own job, the different levels on which someone could/should commit to his job. Obviously it is about physical readiness, when you look at him. But it’s also about finding the balance with your personal life, controlling and letting go of negative thoughts, optimism, mental power to set your own priorities and the spiritual commitment to stay true to yourself.

For ‘team dynamics’ the experience of an extreme athlete can also be an endless source of inspiration. His life depends of the trust he can/has to give to his team. Positive communication, shared goals and vision, watertight agreements and inclusive thinking are the key to success for all managers. Then a team becomes more than the sum of the group members.

‘Change management’ is also inherent to his job. If the weather changes, everything changes. How does he estimate the risks? How does he deal with it? Then relying on you own skills comes up, daring to leave the comfort zone, overcoming fear, for the hierarchy and for yourself. Because ‘change is the only constant’, especially when you float between heaven and earth.
His tailor-made programs produce sustainable and tangible results. They provide managers and staff a new view on production, innovation and success.

For more than a decade Cedric Dumont advises organizations such as, Microsoft, Le Pain Quotidien US, SPIN NY, PWC, Ogone, The House of Marketing, Belgacom, ERGO, Spadel, Bpost, Econocom, J.Cortes and The Young Presidents Organization.

Cedric’s global approach and focus on improving your energy level and your work-life balance is a real inspiration for me.

Arnaud Feist - CEO Brussels Airport Company

"Cedric's unique combination of action sport athlete and High performance psychologist brings a perfect connection between extreme sports and business.
In both high pressure environments, flow state is becoming a must and the only way to survive and thrive under pressure."

Vincent Herbert - CEO Le Pain Quotidien

"Inspiring and very practical tools that was life changing!
Thanks Cedric for a great 2 days seminar together."

Thomas Baert - CEO Chinafloors, YPO Belgium

Cedric was the keynote speaker of our annual Jumpstart event in 2016. His presentation energized everyone. His experience in team coaching and extreme sports allowed him give a very balanced view on personal commitment and group dynamics in teams: a perfect match for an event in which ‘Team of Teams’ was one of the themes. It allowed everyone to take away some personal objectives as well as team related targets. Also everyone was charmed by his presentation style: a calm and well-structured speech where personal experiences were used at the right moments to emphasize the point he was making. Very inspiring!

Marc Vanderheyden - Managing Partner bij Spikes
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