Alain Leduc

Inspiration is a more powerful tool than motivation
Creativity is no longer a choice, it is an imperative

Alain Leduc was born in Liege in 1970. He has a clear mission: “make people and business creative”. The aim is to foster creativity at all levels of the company by stepping out of traditional patterns of thought. When working, Alain offers uninhibited vision of creativity by encouraging people to see and do things differently.

However, we cannot affirm that the man was predestined to have this intriguing profession. In Leduc’s family, everyone is a lawyer, and this has been the case for generations. As an only child, it was natural for Alain to start a law degree. Though, his law career doesn’t go further than two job applications. Law simply was not his thing. What really interested Alain was advertising. He opted for marketing and communication, at HEC Brussels. He finally obtains a degree in international marketing.


After a first experience in a consulting firm, Alain Leduc begins his career in a pioneer start-up company specialised in Internet development. Fascinated by these new trends, Alain participates fully in the development of the company during three years serving as a sale and marketing coordinator. “But I needed to move, I wanted to discover what was happening in other European cities and in the USA.”

Moving, Alain knows a lot about it. Although Belgian, he spent his childhood and adolescence in France: Paris, Lille, Toulouse and Avignon. His family moved every three or four years.

From 1994 onwards, Alain travels alone, in search of new creative trends: London, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and then of course the Silicon Valley. “I was looking for new experiences, I was blown away by the mentality of these young entrepreneurs who would make out of a Starbucks Coffee their office, their meeting room and their canteen.” During several months, Alain travels a lot, while earning various professional experiences. “I was fascinated by people like Kerouac who would use paper rolls to write without any break, with a constant flow of ideas.”

Lateral thinking

In 1998, Alain spends an evening with one of his father’s friend. He works in the world of innovation and tells Alain about the school of lateral thinking of Edward de Bono, the pope of creativity in the United States. “For the first time, I perceived creativity not as artistic or as a marginal activity but as a scientific, psychological approach. That night, I didn’t sleep, making sure that this is what I wanted to do.”

The following year, Alain enters a large financial group as a geo specialist. He successively held the positions of project manager, brand manager and finally marketing and communications coordinator. During ten years, he led a number of strategic and creative missions but soon the enthusiasm faded. Meanwhile, he continued to be inspired by the lateral way of thinking and felt like his formations and classes at Solvay and ICHEC were in complete opposite with it.

Alain then ponders about his new project. For instance, he started “Creafternoon”. “During a whole summer, I took off one or two afternoons a month and I invited 25 to 30 people at home, both personal contacts and professionals. I presented them my ideas, my projects and waited for their response. Within three months, it allowed me to meet 150 people from totally different backgrounds and structure my arguments.

In 2008, Alain creates his own business, Creativores. Since then, he is a “creativity energizer”, a profession that continues to evolve through his experiences but also formations.

Alain won the European certification facilitator/trainer in creativity and innovation at the University Paris Descartes.

“Wake up!” and “Punk management”

Whether in conferences or seminars or during smaller mission in enterprises, Alain stands out as an innovative consultant. He proposes to develop creativity and innovation through striking and inspiring techniques. Topics such as “Wake up!” or “Punk management!” aims to surprise the minds. Most of the time, they cause surprise and astonishment among people.

Wake up! Wake creativity up

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“Wake up!” surprises and awakens mind to release the creative potential in business projects. The inner creativity of an organization is often ignored, forgotten or underexploited. However, those who highlight it usually make a difference.

Growth and success are now linked to the abandonment of standard methods and the design of original recipes. Stability is no longer good; you must now be in perpetual motion.
Few companies take creative initiatives. Most of them are paralyzed by the fear of change. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to act out. The company cannot simply implement creativity. You should know how to organize and structure it.

“Wake up!” offers you the means to activate and stimulate creativity in your organization.

Punk Management

How to break rules and book progress for your teams and projects?

If audacity is sometimes risky, the routine is always fatal. Routine fossilizes teams and freezes minds. One should now be in perpetual motion.

Being a good manager is necessary but not sufficient any longer. The market requires more. Today one needs to be different. Different and relevant!

Being "punk" is dangerous. Provocation can be fatal. Today, everything is seen, everything is heard, everything is known!

These opposed behaviors are nevertheless the key to success.

The conference Punk Management is a detonator that encourages creativity in order to walk out of the usual path.

Punk Management (re) combines two contradictory attitudes: the Punk who is transgressing rules and the Manager who helps advance ideas, a project, a team. The aim is to combine transgression and progression to help developping solutions that are both original and relevant.

Become Punk Manager! Try a truly unique experience !

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