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He combines technical skills with a deep sociological understanding of the web
Success is all about attitude!

Fred Colantonio (1978) was trained as a criminologist, he then became a web specialist, in particular of its technical aspects. He is the author of “Online business communication” (2011), “Search engine optimization, e-marketing and web visibility” (2010) and the bestseller “L’attitude des Héros”.

Autodidact with strong references, Fred advises and assists companies in the design, development and improvement of their image online and offline.

Fred Colantonio is a charismatic speaker. His presentations are lively, interactive and full of concrete examples. He is a great professional much appreciated by different types of audiences.

He delivered +750 keynote speeches and talks in 12 countries. His message reaches thousands of people.

A family of traditional employees

Fred grew up in a classic employee family; the norm was to become a bureaucrat. At the age of eighteen, he had no idea of what he wanted to do in his professional life. Fred then took part in different classes, reject studies that lead to one specific job and focus on those that offer a broader education. Consequently, he opts for Criminology at the University of Liege.

Criminology and new technologies

“In my last year of study, renowned criminologists came to talk about their job. I naively asked my teacher if electronic criminality was going to be addressed and who would be the potential guest speaker. He said: “You!“. Fred Colantonio accepted and held in front of his classmates, amazed, his first ever conference.

The overlap between these two distinct skills, web specialist and criminologist, revealed more important than expected. Hired as a criminologist, he is responsible of the prevention field. However, as he possesses a robust knowledge of the web, he is asked to modernize the IT infrastructure that notably includes the implementation of an e-mail address and Internet for all employees.

Communication through empiricism

Fred Colantonio is increasingly excited by the potential of new technologies. After three years, he creates a communication agency to which he devotes his spare time as soon as he gets home. He then designs and develops websites.

Professional requests increase and he has to leave his criminologist job to fully devote to his newly created agency. But Fred is aware of the flaws. He has little knowledge of marketing and doesn’t really know how to deal with customers or how to gain their loyalty. He decides to take daylong trainings and this is where history repeats itself… As the trainers hadn’t planned anything about the use of web marketing, Fred will then do the job.

In 2007, Fred Colantonio teaches for the first time ever and explains what makes a good website. “I realised that I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge of the web, its opportunities and its challenges. Especially since my work at the agency and my training as a criminologist were very helpful.”

Alongside these formations that quickly became conferences, Fred Colantonio is regularly requested as a business consultant. At the beginning of 2010, he decides to sell his agency, preferring to leave the production part to focus on consulting and public speaking.

The attitude of the Heroes

Fred’s chosen field in his interventions evolve in a logical path. Whereas he initially focused on technical areas of the web, today, he is mainly dedicated to social networks. More information available on his website:

This logical path, which is reflected in his books, experimented a new trend recently. He focuses on the state of mind and behaviour that shape behaviours and lead to success. On the matter, he developed an inspiring and motivating conference called: “The attitude of Heroes”.

Understanding and exploiting the media and social networks

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Socially responsible Entrepreneurship, Communication, Public Relations, Inspiring, Social Media & Networking

Media and online social networks have shaped the use one makes of the Internet. Their professional use has become a crucial issue for your position and online visibility.
What kind of media/social network for what purpose? What strategy should you use? What sort of attractiveness should you create? What are the opportunities for your business?

The attitude of the Heroes!

Business & Management, Entrepreneurs, Leadership, Strategy, Management, Motivation, Inspiring

What do Steve Jobs (Apple), Richard Branson (Virgin), Oprah Winfrey (The Oprah Winfrey Show) or Ingwar Kamprad (Ikea) have in common? Are these great figures of entrepreneurship really that distant from us? Is their success not merely that of a state of mind, a winning attitude? Understand modern heroes and become one yourself!

Innovation: think and act in a different way

Creativity, Innovation

We all know the names of the great innovators: Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, James Dyson... How did they see what no one else saw and anticipate that what everyone wanted?

How can we trigger the spark of innovation in ourselves? What posture can we adopt to transform our vision and daily habits in continuous innovation?

From Jeff Bezos (Amazon) to Muhammad Yunus (Grameen Bank), learn how to operate an innovative approach to install in your teams and around you to take a fresh look at your business, your environment, your own person ... and if you ask yourself the question: 'What is the point?' 'Why?' maybe you should better ask yourself: 'Why not?’

Au nom de l'ensemble de l'équipe Kluwer, je souhaite remercier Fred pour son travail, sa préparation et sa prestation. Les commentaires étaient élogieux.

Cela a été un réel plaisir de collaborer et nous espérons que de nouvelles initiatives nous permettront de renouveler l'expérience dans un proche avenir.

Vannessa Giannoccari - Kluwer, Publisher Insurance & Banking
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