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As an independent pipeline engineer for the oil and gas industry, Filip Van den Abeele (1980) is frequently consulted. He is able like no other to explain science and technology in an understandable way. With a light layer of humor.

The doctoral thesis he wrote to crown his engineering studies received the Prof. Dr. The Meulemeester-Piot Award, an award for the best thesis. As Chief Science in the television program "De Laatste Show" Filip Van den Abeele ensured an airy note to less obvious themes. With his childhood friend and television presenter Lieven Scheire he wrote the book "What if the oil runs out?", a must-read for those who want to understand the energy issue. You can see and judge yourself his talk at the TEDxGhent 2015 on the attached video.


Filip Van den Abeele combines sharp analysis with the gift to analyze difficult problems with some distance. In each panel discussion or lecture he will invariably bring up surprising conclusions.

After his doctorate Filip Van den Abeele works as a researcher at OCAS, the research center of Arcelor Mittal and the Flemish government, where he impresses with his analyzes and calculations. Michel Vermeulen, Head of Arcelor Mittal R & D, got to know him as an enthusiastic and social researcher "he can dive deep in a physics problem, while not losing the broad picture. He combines this with the talent to make understandable very complex issues, supported by a subtle but overwhelming sense of humor. "

Pipeline Engineer

Thereafter, he continues to study at the prestigious Cranfield University in the UK. Van den Abeele combines a full-time job with part-time studies. That does not stop him to graduate in 2011, as the first of his year, with a sloppy 920 out of 1000 points, a Master in Pipeline Engineering and Offshore Technology.

But the entrepreneurial spirit in him begins to itch. After a copywriter agency as a self-employed secondary activity, and later a production house for radio, TV and multimedia, he founded early 2012 Vikar, a rapidly growing consultancy company offering engineering services for the design, installation and management of pipelines and offshore infrastructure.

Chief Science

The media very much likes him. He writes columns, editorials and contributions among other in De Standaard, De Morgen, DS Weekblad or Vitaya. For three seasons, he has been contributing to the television program De Laatste Show, where he was Chief Science and in the last season he even had his own rubric where he presented "Long live the Math!".

Filip Van den Abeele is a living proof that technology is not boring, but rather opens up a world of exciting themes and surprising solutions. He is able to speak about the most complex questions with a mix of dynamism and humour. Not surprisingly, Filip Van den Abeele is much appreciated as presenter of events, moderator of debates or lecturer.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution:

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The quantum leaps in technological advances lead to a Fourth Industrial Revolution, which can be as profound as the rise of the loom, the conveyor belt or robot.
Industry 4.0 is an ecosystem of strong connected smart machines and objects, which allow mass production tailored to the individual consumer.

In China, a complete building rolls out of a 3D printer in one day, and nanotechnology and self-healing materials throw the traditional manufacturing industry upside down.
The whirlwind of IT, Cloud and Big Data Technology leads to a new ecosystem of production and consumption, with other players who completely follow new rules.
In the agricultural and food industry genetically modified crops, algae or insects, and even synthetic meat, continuator rise.
The levers of the fourth industrial revolution also allow developing new intelligent drugs, and making breakthroughs in genetics possible.
New intelligent and connected machines offer an endless potential on generating green and renewable energy.
Also in the field of transport and mobility, we face a revolution: from a mobile app as Uber on the self-propelled vehicle to the high flight of drones.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and is as inevitable and radical as the rise of the loom, the conveyor belt or robot.
We are facing a new era in which innovation gives rise to disruption, and can completely change our economic system.

Filip Van den Abeele, engineer and entrepreneur, outlines in this keynote the landslides that Industry 4.0 may result in various fields such as the manufacturing industry, material technology, agriculture and food, ICT, medicine and health care, green energy, mobility, finance, etc...

What if the oil runs out?


What if within 40 to 50 years the oil runs out? What about heating of our houses, how will our cars run or how will our planes fly? Which form of energy will save our lives? Can nuclear power ever be safe? What about alternative or green energy? And what about the climate? This lecture presents and answers Filip Van den Abeele questions, and provides you with hard facts. Surprising.

He takes our current energy production from fossil fuels under the microscope, and look at the alternatives. Filip Van den Abeele makes fog disappear from the relevant figures on energy demand and production, and teaches his audience some hidden sides of alternative energy. He presents facts and everyone can make his own opinion. During this dynamic presentation he shows you the benefits and burdens of our energy needs.

Mathematics, a party!

Business & Management, Leadership, Strategy, Creativity, Innovation, Trends, ICT & Technology

Mathematics is present everywhere in our everyday life; in the calculations of engineers and architects to build a house or a bridge, but also in much more invisible ways. Internet search engines like Google use linear algebra to rank search results. The GPS in your car finds the way back thanks to spherical trigonometry and graph theory. With the Pythagorean Theorem you can easily find out which piece of pizza is the largest, so that your children will at least have a scientifically sound basis to argue.
In a remarkable interplay of algebra, analysis and humor Filip Van den Abeele provides in this lecture a refreshingly different perspective on this world .. The public will discover that behind the most complex formulas and equations actually a victory dance of numbers and symbols is hidden. Thus does this speaker inimitably clear that mathematics is more than a calculation of turnover and profit…

Balancing on the edge of knowledge

ICT & Technology, Sciences

The 21st century is undoubtedly the century of science. Technological and scientific development is still in high gear. With a doctorate and five years of experience in a knowledge center behind him, Filip Van den Abeele is your perfect guide to the wonderful world of scientific research. What actually happens in laboratories all over the world? What ambitions, desires and new ideas are hidden under those white coats? How do scientists and researchers work when they develop a new drug, faster internet connection or a fuel-efficient internal combustion engine? Why does a new treatment for brain tumors only works in mutant mice at first and perhaps only in ten years in humans? And what do these researchers do for a decade to make it available to people?
Filip Van den Abeele offers you a range of fascinating anecdotes and amazing facts, but also offers a look at the biggest and most enthusiastic plans on the drawing board, new drugs and ultra-efficient engines on nuclear fusion, space travel, human cloning, genetics, to the hope and ambition to ever achieve immortality. For anyone who is not immortal, this impressive presentation cannot be missed!

Physics in Metaphors


Physics is the mother of all sciences. Yet she is feared by many, because it would be boring or complicated. Nothing is less true! During "Physics in Metaphors" Filip Van den Abeele takes you on a stunning and surprising journey through science. In rich and insightful language he lets you partake in the secrets of the theory of relativity and the everyday applications of electromagnetism. He takes you on a fascinating journey through the Universe, and offers a look at the staggering forces that lie hidden deep in atomic nuclei. Quantum mechanics, nuclear physics or cosmology: This lecture offers a bite-sized tasting menu for gourmets with a hunger for knowledge!

We invited Filip as a Technology Evangelist on our business event
'Destination ROI'. His compelling and well adapted keynote on Big Data, Artificial
Intelligence and Generation Y was hitting all the right spots and was very well received by our audience.

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