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Dirk Sterckx (1946) is engraved in the collective memory still long after his departure from the public television. In 1980, Sterckx was responsible at the Flemish television for European issues. Few members of the European Parliament have that experience.

For most of us, Europe is a vague concept. Dirk Sterckx knows the European machinery and explains accurately and in an exciting way the functioning of Europe and its influence on our lives. Thanks to his long experience in the information services of the television, he is also a ideal moderator and presenter.


Sterckx also produced long reports for Panorama, among others on the accession of Spain and Portugal to the European Community. He organized debates on Europe – where he invited former President of the Commission, Jacques Delors, and Belgium’s former Prime Minister Wilfried Martens - and represented the European Community at a forum in Tokyo between the European Community and Japan.

In 1986, Dirk Sterckx headed the news department of the VRT. He heads an organizational and journalistic editorial team of about fifty people.

European Parliament

He assumes the position until 1999 when his friend Karel De Gucht convinced him to join politics. "I'm probably the first journalist to have taken this step, it was still very unusual at the time. On 13 June 1999, Sterckx is elected and is the first Flemish to sit on the Transport Committee. From 2004 to 2009, Sterckx is also chairman of the delegation for China.

Europe in our daily lives

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The daily newspapers are full of new measures adopted by the European Parliament or of the results of European summits. However, Europe is a distant abstraction for many people. The opposite is also true: Europe is everywhere, in traffic, supermarkets, agriculture, etc... Sterckx has been following European affairs for the Flemmish television before become member of the European Parliament. He is passionate in explaining both the functioning of Europe and the European politics.

How to communicate your message?

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It is not given to everyone to communicate a message effectively and elegantly, but it can be learned. Sterckx long taught to young journalists of the public television. Better than anyone, he knows how to behave in front of a camera and he will share this with you.

Mr Sterckx was a very good moderator. Everything ran smoothly.”

Helen Pilkington - EUnited
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